Software apps for Formula 1 fans

Software apps for Formula 1 fans

Software for 2008 Formula 1 seasonThe 2008 Formula 1 season has just started (featuring excellent results so far, by the way) and along with it, the show of trips around the world, powerful cars, beautiful women and excited crowds cheering for their hi-speed idols. This admiration can be shown not only in F1 circuits during the race, but also in many other aspects of your daily life: for example, on your computer.

Formula 1 races are in fact the subject matter of many varied software tools, ranging from the official F1 screensaver (for Windows and Mac) to a complete Palm application like F1 Season 2008, which enables you to track the competition in full detail. If you’d like to follow Formula 1 results but don’t own a Palm, don’t worry: you can also keep an eye on the competition with F1X; it’s not exactly a tracking tool, but it does contain loads of statistics and very accurate information about the Formula 1 competitions since 1950 to nowadays.

Of course, the F1 software fever is not restricted to desktop tools. You can also find online apps and services with which to follow results and learn more about pilots, circuits and races. Besides the standard sources of information like Google or your favorite digital newspaper there are interesting tools such as the F1 Gmaps mashup, which uses the power of Google Maps to display highly detailed information about each track: date, location, satellite imagery and links to Wikipedia.

Finally, for those of you who don’t resign themselves to just watching F1 drivers speeding on the track, you can now emulate them with MiniRacingOnline, a simple fun game where you can compete on actual Formula 1 tracks against players from all over the world.

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