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Top 9 Software Choices for Consulting Firms in 2023

Discover detailed information about the top 9 software solutions designed for consulting firms in 2023

Top 9 Software Choices for Consulting Firms in 2023
Sabina Sher

Sabina Sher

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Consulting firms, like other businesses, must regularly manage a multitude of repetitive tasks and deadlines for various clients. Software for consulting firms can come in handy by streamlining processes, encouraging teamwork and keeping your company organized – we understand it may be daunting to select the ideal project management software from all available options!

Based on our research of the most urgent needs of businesses and management consultants today, we have identified nine of the most useful tools across various categories that you can use to take your consulting business to new heights.

Get ready to explore the top business consulting software tools that will revolutionize how you work!

Project management software

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)

Combine team and client collaboration in one place

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus), a premier project management tool for client collaboration and project management with features tailored for client-oriented business consulting services. It offers integrated reporting, workflow management, AI-driven tools, and analytics features.

This software for consultants comes equipped with tools tailored specifically towards various industries and professionals who need to track progress, streamline project management, and provide impactful reports for multiple clients.

Building custom business consulting software solutions requires significant resources, while FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) offers a cost-efficient and sophisticated alternative to centralize project management, task management, and client collaboration in one place, all under your brand.

Think about FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) as a restaurant with two key areas: the kitchen, which is the back office for all the productive behind-the-scenes work, and the dining room, a presentable and well-designed place to impress clients with top-notch experiences.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) Portals will elevate your collaborative process and project management. No-code websites provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to showcase themselves while creating an exceptional user experience. With FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) Pages as their foundation, all interactions between pages run seamlessly.

Unlike other project management software options, FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) lets you remove all references to their company and customize the platform with your logo, name, colors, and domain to increase brand recognition. This can help increase your brand awareness and professional image.

Remove all references to FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) and customize the platform with your logo to increase brand recognition and brand awareness.

Who uses FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)?

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is one of the leading project management programs, providing businesses with a flexible solution for streamlining processes, optimizing task management, and reaching operational excellence, making it ideal for consulting firms or any other type of enterprise.

Best Features

  • Client Portals. Apart from project management features, FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) offers no-code client portals that centralize client collaboration and communication, task management, and support team base. Using these portals, you will exceed client expectations by providing seamless experiences. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) ensures top-notch safety of project details and other sensitive details with granular permissions.
  • Super Documents. Combine data from multiple sources on one page: text, images, audio/video files, and PDF attachments. Its document builder supports 2000+ integrations, allowing you to craft engaging, dynamic documentation.
  • Project Management. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) offers kanban boards, dashboards, time tracking tools, and other task management features to help you manage client projects more efficiently, work transparently, and deliver results faster. Real-time collaboration features ensure everyone in your team is on the same page.
  • White Label. Fully customizable workspaces and organizations will help build customer loyalty, maintain a unified professional image, and promote your brand without the extensive time, effort, and costs of building in-house business consulting platforms from scratch.


  • Free version is available
  • Paid plans start from $9/user/month


Smartsheet is a popular project management tool that over 80,000 companies use it to manage projects efficiently, including the entire proposal process. This is due to its easy-to-use interface, collaboration features, real-time dashboards, and Gantt charts. Smartsheet is a consulting management software that received several awards in 2018: Forrester Research named it a leader for enterprise collaborative work management, Deloitte Fast 500, and 451 Research recognized its technology innovation and vision.

Who uses Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is one of the best project management software for consultants. It’s used by business consultants, organizations of all sizes, SMBs, and enterprise firms.

Best features

  • Digital asset management. Management and distribution of assets and their performance, including the ability to create comprehensive proposals.
  • Secure request management. You can streamline requests and process tickets.
  • Integrations. Share information between platforms to work smarter and more efficiently.
  • Streamlined business apps. Create easy-to-navigate business apps within minutes.
  • Portfolio management at scale. Delivering project consistency and transparency at scale.


  • Free plan – $0 (No cost for one user, up to 2 editors)
  • Pro – $7 Per user/month, billed yearly (Max of 10 users, unlimited viewers)
  • Business – $25 Per user/month, billed yearly (Minimum 3 users, unlimited editors)
  • Enterprise – For large, established businesses that require robust security and management tools for their operations.


Asana is an excellent software for consultants that lets you manage projects, delegate tasks, and make task tracking a lot easier. Its project management dashboards and features make it perfect for coordinating work on a variety of client projects, regardless of their size.

It’s one of the best project management software tools that makes it team collaboration a lot easier. Whether it’s through the use of lists, boards, calendars, or Gantt charts, you will get things done in the manner most effective for you. 

Who uses Asana?

Over 11,000 different users rate Asana 4.5 out of 5 stars. This software for consultants enables teams of any size to improve their productivity and quality of the work they do.

Best features

  • Project Views. You can organize your work using a Kanban Board, List, Timeline, Calendar, or Gantt Chart.
  • Kanban Boards. Track the progress of your team by visualizing your progress using a digital Kanban board.
  • Team and project calendars. Asana’s team and project calendars are the best way to manage and plan your work as a group.
  • Forms. Standardize forms so your staff has all the necessary information from the beginning.
  • Goals. Connect the company’s objectives with the tasks that support them so your teams are able to get the job done.
  • Workload. You can quickly rebalance your work by assessing the workload of each team member.


  • Basic – $0 For people or groups who are just starting out with project management.
  • Premium – $10,99/per user/per month, billed annually for teams that need to create project plans confidently.
  • Business – $24,99/per user/per month, billed annually for teams and businesses that need to keep track of work across multiple projects.

Transformation software 


Miro is a visual innovation workspace for teams of any size, allowing them to visualize ideas, facilitate team collaboration, and create future projects together even when they are in different locations.

Its goal is to provide a space where distributed teams may collaborate effectively on multiple projects.

People around the world rely on Miro as one of their primary team communication platforms and visual workspaces, websites. Miro equips teams with the means to hold brainstorms, record ideas, and refine the most promising ones. Miro facilitates face-to-face online meetings with its 300+ prebuilt meeting templates. 

Who uses Miro?

It serves a wide variety of clients, from the largest corporations to the tiniest startups, not to mention universities, advertising, and consulting firms.

Best features

  • Engineering. More productive team planning conversations. No more vague handoffs and text-only needs; with Miro, you can concentrate on leading your team through essential activities like PI Planning.
  • Scrum Events. Equip your hybrid team with cutting-edge tools that will help you work together and communicate better in the lead-up to, during, and after Scrum Events.
  • Developer Platform. Create your own plugins and integrations using Miro’s developer platform to give your team (or the world, if you dare) the power of visual collaboration within their existing workflows.
  • Process Mapping. Using tools like Flowcharts, BPMN diagrams, Value Stream Mapping, and Swimlanes, you may create a map of your company’s operations in order to pinpoint problem areas, track projects, and maximize efficiency.


  • Free – $0, Unlimited team members 
  • Starter – $8/per member/month billed annually
  • Business – $16/per member/month billed annually
  • Enterprise – Contact sales for pricing


Provide your team with Mural software for consultants, a tremendously user-friendly digital whiteboard solution that promotes productive hybrid and remote teamwork, and watch them rise to the challenge of producing extraordinary results. Mural serves as a hub for many different types of product-related activities, including but not limited to sales and consulting projects, design and research, workshop facilitation, and agile and design thinking workshop facilitation. 

Who uses Mural

Mural helps enterprise, design, and creative teams, business consultants, and IT consulting firms with the skills and technologies that make remote and hybrid work that much easier.

Best features

  • Infinite & resizable canvas options. You can choose from an infinite number of canvas sizes.
  • Flexible permissions. Control the access to collaborative features by setting up view-only, editor, or facilitator options.
  • Icons, GIFs, & images. Noun Project’s integrations with GIPHY and Unsplash allow you to create icons, GIFs, and images that help communicate complex ideas or engage your team in fun activities.
  • Create and publish your own templates. This will save you time and allow your company to scale up methods.


  • Free – $0/ with unlimited members
  • Team+ – $9.99/per member/month/billed annually
  • Business – $17.99/per member/month/billed annually
  • Enterprise – Contact Mural for pricing

Billing Software


NetSuite’s cloud-based solution equips businesses with the tools they need to handle expense management and accounting data to swiftly complete the closing step. Data inefficiencies and mistake rates are reduced thanks to automated processes, and real-time business monitoring and business intelligence are facilitated by incorporating customizable reports, dashboards, and metrics. This billing and invoicing software guarantees data is available safely around the world and works with a wide variety of currencies, languages, and compliance standards. More than 36,000 customers in 217 countries use this comprehensive system, which was initially tailored toward financials and enterprise resource planning. But today, it also covers inventory management, consulting, human resources, professional services automation, and omnichannel commerce.

Who uses NetSuite?

NetSuite accounting software is a perfect choice for all: from a small consulting business to a large enterprise. It’s a consulting software to manage resources, streamline critical business operations, and gain real-time visibility into key metrics like sales and project costs.

Best features

  • Financial Management. Streamline daily transactions and close financials faster. Ensure compliance. You can get a real-time, complete view of your company’s financial performance at all levels, including individual transactions.
  • Global Business Management. NetSuite’s cloud-based platform provides real-time visibility and financial consolidation to help companies run global operations. This includes managing multiple currencies and taxation regulations, comprehensive reporting functionality, and consolidating finances across subsidiaries and geographies.
  • Order Management. Streamline the order process by preventing and eliminating bottlenecks and errors. This will ensure a seamless flow between sales quotes and order fulfillment. Invoices and payments are made on time.
  • Balance Supply and Demand. Manage your supply chain, cost increases and changing buyer behavior.


Contact NetSuite to get information about pricing.

Zoho Invoice

Easy to learn and use, Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing software that facilitates tracking expenses, invoice customization, rapid online payment, and efficient management of billable hours. It facilitates communication and cooperation between you, your clients, and your staff. Invoices, financial reports, payment reminders, and thank-you cards can all be automated to help save time and effort. Also, Zoho’s strong suit is data analytics and visualization. You can maintain contact with your company from anywhere thanks to the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Who uses Zoho Invoice?

Zoho Invoice is the perfect invoicing software for freelancers and small business owners. It caters to the needs of every size of business, especially small businesses.

Best Features

  • Digital Billing. Invoices can be exported to PDF or other digital formats for more convenient storage and retrieval. 
  • Recurring Billing. Invoices are produced routinely at scheduled intervals.
  • Batch Invoicing. The ability to generate a wide variety of different kinds of invoices.
  • Accounting. Allow for seamless synchronization with your accounting and finance management programs.


This accounting software is Free.

Enterprise Software

Monday is like a centralized platform that allows teams to create their own workflows with easy-to-use building blocks such as dashboards and automation. The platform offers various reporting features and is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and customizable. It can also scale with the organization’s growth.

The industry-specific products, including Monday Sales CRM software, Monday Work Management, and Monday Dev, allow organizations to quickly create solutions that are tailored to the exact needs of their organization and team size.

Workflows can be streamlined and accelerated with the help of no-code automation. You can also centralize your work and share it in context, in real-time.’s intuitive interface helps track project progress so you can achieve bigger goals.

Who uses Monday?

There are many teams working in lots of different fields besides consulting all across the world. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it may be tailored to fit the needs of any project or business.

Best features

  • Customizable boards. It’s one of the core features that can be made unique for each user on, allowing for more efficient management of tasks, projects, and workflows. Thus, consultants are able to maintain efficiency and concentration.
  • Collaboration tools. Commenting, mentioning, and attaching files are just some of the collaborative methods available. 
  • Automation. If you’re a consultant looking to cut down on mundane, time-consuming duties, could be the answer. If utilized correctly, this tool can boost efficiency and cut down on mistakes.
  • Time tracking. Consultants can see the project progress, as well as keep track of how much time they devote to each project and job, thanks to’s robust built-in time tracking facilities. 


  • Individual –  $0
  • Basic – $8/month
  • Standard – $10/month
  • Pro – $16/month
  • Enterprise – Contact


HubSpot is a good CRM software designed specifically for managing interactions with customers. Tools for managing and communicating with your client base are housed within the platform. The use of content management, sales, marketing, and customer service software simplifies the customer relationship management process.

You can make your company a money-making machine by giving customers what they want. Use HubSpot’s best CRM software to track the progress of your company’s marketing, sales, customer service, content management and operations.

Who uses HubSpot?

HubSpot is a low-cost customer relationship management system suitable for enterprises of all sizes. Using these instruments, businesses will have an easier time managing their relationships with customers.

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