Software for dog lovers

MandyI’m a dog lover and I have my own pride and joy – a 3 year-old cocker spaniel from the city dog pound (pictured). She’s great fun most of the time but they do take a lot of taking care of. Owning a dog is not just about walking and feeding them – they need regular vaccinations, haircuts, cleaning and other things that I tend to forget about.

If you’re having trouble keeping tabs on your dog’s health care – like keeping up with their vaccinations, checkups, haircuts etc, then try Pet Health. The database helps you keep track of your dog’s most important vet appointments and in the case of illness, can be easily printed out for quick reference. A similar program but with more data fields is Safe Dog which can also be accessed by someone caring for your dog while you are away – useful for if there are any medical emergencies.

If the real thing sounds too much like hard work, then you can always enjoy some canine company on your PC. Dog Rescue is a fun platform game which sees you play the hero in a world where dogs have run riot. Dog terrorists have basically kidnapped your poodles and the quest is to cross the world in search of them. It’s nice to see that dogs can also have their revenge on those that are cruel to them – at least in the digital world. Kick The Dog is nothing more than a short film that’s been cleverly edited so that when a youth kicks a ball at a dog in the park, he gets an unexpected surprise. Finally, there is a surprising lack of screensaver options for dog lovers out there although there is the adorable Puppies Screensaver which, if you haven’t got a dog, will definitely make you want one.

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