Software market heats up with cool new releases

September’s here, so it’s back to work for the software developers, and this week has seen some of the big guns offer up some significant updates and new releases. Of course, insideTonic has been on hand to deliver our expert analysis of the new products. We brought you news of how the new beta version of Opera is sending web browsing into warp speed, plus details of the tasty 2.0 and Microsoft’s ‘Flash killer,’ Silverlight. The full release of Google Web Toolkit and the latest instalment of FIFA also got the once over by our team of software buffs.

This week’s tips took on something a musical theme, as Elena demonstrated how to find the lyrics to those songs you’ve been humming for the last few days, and I paid homage to the late Pavarotti by explaining how to write and produce classic music (using software). There was also a memorable guide to adding paint effects in Photoshop and a collection of useful pointers for proper email-forwarding etiquette.

Our resident social commentator Tom was on hand to give his views on the latest frightening/cool application to be produced for the all-seeing Facebook service, while Tony simply spent the whole week playing dominoes with old men over the Internet. We’ll be back next week with the more of the world’s best software but for now, it’s time to party!

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