Software that makes you sound like a celebrity

Samuel L JacksonHave you ever wanted to play a gag on someone by pretending to be someone famous but couldn’t get the voice right? Or are you making a documentary and need to distort someone’s voice to protect their identity. If so, you can do this and more in AV Voice Changer Software.

AV Voice Changer Software modifies the sound, tone and the intensity of your voice until it is unrecognizable from your own. It can vary from the high pitched tone of a child to the deathly tones of Darth Vader. Between both tones, there are a multitude of variants with which to amuse yourself and your friends on the telephone, in online games and on IM clients etc. The program has several predefined voices of politicians and actors who you can parody including George Bush, Brad Pitt or Samuel L. Jackson.

The program allows you to tweak your voice in a variety of ways so if the famous person you want is not preconfigured, you can create it yourself. You can also add a ton of special effects to give your voice the classic robotic sound, synthesizer effect and more.

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