Software that pushes all the right buttons

Flash buttonsButtons are a handy and attractive way to add shortcuts and functionality to a website or desktop. In the past, it used to be a complicated process requiring at least some programming knowledge but nowadays there are plenty of programs to help novices create them.

Which type of program you use will depend upon whether you want to create buttons for a website or your desktop. This could be anything from a button to launch applications to a toolbar shortcut in your browser. One of the most versatile is 1 Cool Button Tool which allows you to create buttons in either Java or Flash. It’s designed mainly for adding buttons and banners to websites but it can be used for just about anything. With Vista all the rage now, another nice program is Vista Buttons which allows you to create Buttons for Vista, XP and even Windows 98. No programming knowledge is required and the results look remarkably professional.

If web design is your thing, then Crystal Button is a dedicated button creator for websites. The program offers 2D, 3D, metallic and Mac style button graphics amongst many more. If you’re a bigger fan of XP than Vista, then you can also give your site an XP touch with XP Web Buttons. For something more flexible and easy to use, try Likno Web Button Maker which includes shadow, lighting and text effects.

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