Software to create the perfect logo

Software to create the perfect logo

New Photoshop logoSo, Photoshop has a new logo. I’m still not sure it really does it for me, but it’s certainly much more in keeping with the modern digital world then its earlier form. Of course, the creative folk at Adobe know a little bit about design, but with a little knowledge and the right software you too can make a logo that will enforce your brand effectively. Start by reading up on the principles of logo design. Get hold of a copy of Logo Designs That Work, or check out The Thinker’s article on what makes a great logo.

Once you’ve grasped the theory, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start working up your logo. Photoshop and Illustrator are the mainstays of corporate design, and used together they contain everything you need to produce a dazzling logo. These apps can be difficult to master if you’re new to them, but luckily there is plenty of software that is dedicated to the creation of logos.

Installing AAA Logo Software is a good way to start because the program contains dozens of pre-made logo templates to get you going. Tweaking these graphics to create your own branding is pretty easy and there are over 2,000 customisable logo elements to tinker with. The Logo Creator is another good app for beginners, and even helps you resell the logos you produce. Once you become a little more ambitious, Xara Xtreme provides a nice bridge between manipulating templates and drawing from scratch.

Of course, it’s no good having a logo if it’s just sat on your hard drive gathering cyber dust. Try using VidLogo to insert your creation into a corporate video, or have a look at Newlite Business Card Printer, which allows you to incorporate your logo into a professional looking business card.

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