Software to make music learning fun

Software to make music learning fun

Musical NotesI’ve always loved music but I’ve never been particularly musical. The best I managed at school was to learn how to play the triangle. I did attempt to learn the recorder but the classes were so boring – all we ever played was ‘Three Blind Mice’. If the classes had been a bit more fun, maybe I would have stuck at it.

Nowadays, you can use software to aid the learning process whether you’re learning to play an instrument, notation or even how to read and write musical scores. Music Memory is a good place to start as it helps test your powers of notation recognition and ability to reproduce it on your keyboard. If you’re tone deaf, this program will soon reveal it. If you’re just starting out on the guitar then Frets of Fire won’t exactly improve your playing skills but it will give you an idea of what sequence of chords and notes sound good.

Piano Hero on the other hand is a more serious attempt at improving your piano skills. It turns your keyboard into a virtual piano and can be focused to test either your left or right handed skills. Meanwhile learning to read music is one of the hardest aspects of becoming a musician but Note Attack is a great aid which turns the notes into targets that you have to shoot at.

If you can’t be bothered putting in the effort to learn an instrument or reach for the stars, then you can still live out your fantasies with Rock Legend where you play a part in a struggling band. You have to deal with everything from rehersals to adoring fans although unfortunately, there’s no groupies.

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