Software to seduce your loved one

Software to seduce your loved one

Love Heart logoThere are many ways to spice up a relationship – have an affair, wear some sexy underwear, have a massive argument about nothing etc. You probably dismiss your PC when it comes to setting off the romantic fireworks but you’d be wrong. You might think, “How can my PC possibly save my relationship?”. Well believe it or not, there is software out there dedicated to bringing out the Casanova in you and of course, with a bit of imagination, you can use other software in romantic ways. Still not convinced? Then check this out.

You can get things started with Love Quotes. If you’ve got nothing romantic to say, then let your PC do it for you. You can even set the PC to remind you with something mushy at a set time although a lot of the words seem to be taken from the bible. If you want to convince your lover that your relationship was always destined in the stars, then Stellarium can reveal it for you. Use the powers of astrology and the alignments of the planets to convince your partner that you were meant to be.

If on the other hand romantic words come easily to you, then Unique Gift Maker allows you to write an e-Love letter. Unfortunately you can’t perfume it with your favourite fragrance (unless you print it out of course but that defeats the object). If you’re already married and want to do something romantically commemorative for your partner, then what better than Wedding Album Maker Gold to remind you of your big day and breath new life into your memories of it.

And don’t dismiss other non romantic software. If you can’t afford a romantic break, then you can always huddle around the PC screen and use Google Earth to fly around the world for nothing. And if you’re far apart, then it doesn’t mean you can’t whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears for free with VoIP calling applications such as Skype and Google Talk.

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