Software to send you to sleep

James Thornton


Software to send you to sleepIf you’ve ever suffered from insomnia then you’ll have probably experimented with all kinds of ways to help you get to sleep. If you’ve tried counting sheep, going for a walk, or listening to Jeff Buckley and you’re still wide awake then switch on your computer and download some sleep aids. There are many apps out there specifically designed to send you to sleep, or to make sure you have ‘quality’ sleep. Here is a selection of the best:

BrainWave Generator – Plays a binaural note through your speakers or headphones that actually changes your brain frequency to the state required to induce sleep.

White Noise Sleep System: Does a similar thing to BrainWave Generator, only with more natural-sounding noises. These noises can be programmed to play at specific times.

Pzizz – Mac-based ‘power nap software’ that offers a natural way to boost your energy levels. It combines NLP with music, sound effects and a binaural beat to induce a wonderfully relaxed state.

Sweet Dreams – Helps you get to sleep to the sound of music. It can be set to reduce the volume of your PC speakers gradually, which is conducive to falling asleep naturally. Unless you’re listening to Megadeath.

The Graveyard – Not officially a sleep aid, but a very, very boring game that will quickly have your eyelids succumbing to gravity. You play an old lady walking around a graveyard listening to music and sitting on benches. Zzzzz

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