Software to test the stability of your PC

Software to test the stability of your PC

CPU logoIf you’re having problems with the stability of your PC – i.e. you’re experiencing regular crashes, slow downs or hang-ups, then there are a number of tools you can run to test your system. These tests usually involve putting your main components such as CPU, RAM and hard drive under intense pressure and then recording the results. If there is something wrong with any of these major components, it could well be the source of your problem.

Hot CPU Tester Pro focuses on that most important part of your PC – your processor. Every single action your PC performs goes through it and the faster it is, the quicker your system should be. This program tests not only the CPU, but also the Motherboard and other related chipsets.

Meanwhile Passmark BurnIn Test goes even further in testing just about everything from DVD and CD drives to soundcards and video playback. It can even test your USB ports to see if they are functioning correctly which is a big bonus because I find that Windows invariably starts having problems with them over time.

If you just want something very simple that can benchmark your system i.e. take a snapshot of it at any given time, then CrystalMark does the job quickly and displays the results in an easy to read format.

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