Some applications for Labor Day

Labor Day toolboxLabor Day really marks the end of summer, the last day when you can slouch in your sofa and do nothing before starting school or getting back to work. Instead of wasting the day having a few beers in front of your TV, how about wasting the day playing a beer bar tending game? Betty’s Beer Bar is a cartoon style role playing game where you need to get rich serving beers to clients as quickly as you can. If you feel a bit stressed about going back to work, Just Relaxing will play some peaceful natural sounds to let you relax. Labor Day is also traditional for political speeches, and with elections coming up next year, there’s plenty to listen to. Set up YouTube Downloader to watch the videos from You Choose ’08 on your desktop.

You might not know this, but an old fashion etiquette discouraged wearing white after Labor Day. If you feel the weight of tradition and are having trouble finding clothes to wear, use Virtual Fashion to design and test out a new wardrobe that isn’t white. Last but not least, and while this might not be the most exciting thing to do, you can use the day to thoroughly clean your PC and improve its performance. TuneUP Utilities is fairly easy to use. It will improve your PC’s memory, remove all unnecessary files and clean up your registry.

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