Some of the stranger games of Solitaire

Some of the stranger games of Solitaire

RoninRegular visitors to Softonic might have noticed that we’ve been slowly building up the world’s biggest collection of Solitaire games on a single website. That’s because we know you like them, and we’re desperate to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. There are of course some fantastic versions of the game such as Solitaire City but everyone knows strange beats fantastic and there are plenty of weird editions about:

Dream Vacation Solitaire: Undoutbedly the most exotic Solitaire game in the world, this one lets you pretend you’re mega-rich even though you’re stuck at work waiting for the day to end. As you play you get to build up money and medals and buy yachts to sail to the next glamorous location on. And play Solitaire. For a few minutes you get to live the life of a supermodel – apparently behind snorting gargantuan quantities of drugs, the world’s prettiest faces like nothing better than a good old game of Solitaire.

Ronin Solitaire: Ronin is a samurai with ambition. However, he’s currently unemployed and needs to find a new master. Plus he’s depressed having been made the laughing stock of his town. No benefits, no home, his wife’s left him and the rain is coming down. But you can help. Be good at Solitaire and get Ronin back where he belongs. As the humble servant of an exploitative gangmaster.

5 Realms of Cards: James raved about this one recently as his ‘download of the day’ on insideTonic and since then he hasn’t stopped talking about, or playing, it. He’s a sucker for a good fairytale and 5 Realms of Cards is based on saving a princess. No surprises that she’s still locked in the tower waiting to be rescued.

Bastille Solitaire: Of course Solitaire is not just a card game, confusingly it’s also a puzzle with little pegs. Surely someone could have come up with a new name. How about ‘Pegs’? Or ‘Solipegs’? Or ‘Pegipegipegs’? Anyhow, this one makes it onto the list by brilliantly combining the beginning of the French revolution with a game where you have to pull all the wooden heads out to win.

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