Spb Wallet – first look

Spb Wallet – first look

Spb Wallet logoSpb Wallet is a newcomer to the relatively well-populated ranks of mobile wallet applications – the programs you can install on your PDA to protect and encrypt confidential information. It’s a good, solid effort and combines the features available on most other wallet programs with a customisable, attractive user interface. Spb Wallet features 256 bit AES encryption, an industry standard, which is apparently very difficult to crack. The biggest risk to your data is probably your PDA itself: always remember to back up important information regularly.

When first run, the program asks you to create your first encrypted wallet file. This stage includes a password strength test which will warn you if your password looks like it’s too simple. Next, you’re presented with a list of categories for data storage, headed by a very handy ‘About Spb Wallet’ section. This area contains a lot of guidance on how to use the program, template creation and more.

The number of categories and templates available is impressive enough, and that’s before you factor-in the easy-to-use template creation tool. Most of the templates also have smart little icons – and again, you’re allowed to create and import your own if you want. It’s worth noting, however, that most of the templates look very similar, beyond the pretty picture each one is customised with.

In the end, Spb Wallet does not bring much new to the table. It has been suggested in some quarters that Spb Software House are good at spotting popular programs and releasing their own versions which often bear striking similarity to their competitors’ efforts. I’d not go that far, myself. My opinion is that if Spb can spot a popular mobile program and work out how to make it better and more attractive, well they’re entitled to do it. Spb Wallet is a perfectly decent alternative to its competitors and, I believe, deserves to be judged on its own merits.

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