Spice up your Tumblr dashboard with Stylish

Spice up your Tumblr dashboard with Stylish

Everyone on Tumblr knows just how many different themes there are to choose from. You can customize your account on the popular microblogging website with virtually hundreds of different options. Apart from a few select days where Tumblr made site-wide color alterations to recognize special events however, user dashboards have always been a relatively uninteresting (and somewhat ironic) shade of Facebook blue.

No more however, at least for Firefox and Chrome users. Now, thanks to the helpful add-on Stylish, you can customize your dashboard as you see fit.

There are lots of different dashboard designs to choose from. My personal favorite place to look is UserStyles, a site dedicated to assisting web surfers in styling the web any way they choose, and making it their own unique browsing experience. As you may have guessed, the site has a page dedicated specifically to designs for Tumblr dashboards.

Installation is a snap. All you need to do is have the required browser and install the corresponding Stylish add-on. Just browse the available design options on UserStyles after that and click the “install” button on the upper left of the screen when you find one you like. In a few seconds, your dashboard will be transformed.

A word to the wise, however: Stylish only currently works with Firefox and Chrome browsers. Also be aware that, while incredibly cool looking, some of the darker designs make it impossible to see text input if you actually have something to post or reblog. If you’re on Tumblr primarily for browsing though, you should be fine. The uninstall process is also very simple if you decide later you’d rather revert back to Tumblr’s default dashboard colors.

Now that your dashboard’s been all prettied up, you should also consider backing up your Tumblr posts. For a site that’s notorious for its “We’ll be back shortly” downtime messages, you can never be too safe!

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