Compelling new Splinter Cell project announced for BBC Radio 4

Leri Koen


We already know that video streaming services are jumping onto the video game wagon, with numerous games receiving movie or series adaptations. The Witcher on Netflix proved that it’s possible; before they decided to let Henry Caville go. There are also numerous other remakes in the works, such as a Fallout and Gears of War series. However, BBC Radio 4 has surprised everyone by also jumping into the trend with a new Splinter Cell announcement.

BBC Radio 4 has never ventured into the world of video games. However, they just announced that they’d be bringing the popular Ubisoft Splinter Cell franchise to life in a new audio drama titled Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall.

Compelling new Splinter Cell project announced for BBC Radio 4

The story will follow the series protagonist, Sam Fisher, a fourth Echelon agent who recruits and trains the next generation of operatives. As is imperative in this franchise, these operatives are being trained for the National Security Agency’s covert action division. During the story, one of Fisher’s past enemies returns from the dead with a murderous plot, and it’s up to Fisher to stop him before time runs out.

The story has been adapted for radio by Paul Cornell and Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Paul Cornell is best known for his considerable contributions to Dr Who and his work on Marvel. Regarding voice actors, fans can look forward to hearing Firewall star Andonis Anthony as Sam Fisher. Other voice talents include Daisy Head, Sacha Dhawan (Doctor Who, The Great), Will Poulter (Midsommer, Black Mirror) and Nikesh Patel (Starstruck, The Devil’s Hour). This cast seems to be well-chosen and should be able to do the franchise justice.

Splinter Cell

It would appear that Splinter Cell is experiencing a revival after a long dormant period. Not only is a radio adaptation in the works, but Netflix is also working on an animated series. Ubisoft also released a mobile game within the franchise earlier this year. They’re also working on a remake of Splinter Cell and have shared a few glimpses of what players can expect – and it looks good! 

You can catch Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall on BBC Radio 4 on Fridays from 2.15 pm, with the first episode launching on December 2nd. You can also get the full box set of the first eight episodes on BBC Sounds from December 2nd. If you’re looking for other ways to enjoy the audio drama from your smartphone, you can download either TuneIn Radio or MyTuner Radio, as both these apps feature BBC Radio 4.

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