Spotify is coming to for on-demand music

Spotify is coming to for on-demand music has always been great at community and recommendations based on what you listen to, but it’s never been great for actually listening to music. Now the CBS owned service is teaming up with Spotify to make its entire catalog playable from pages. will get a Spotify ‘playbar’ at the bottom of the page, allowing you to listen to any track you see just by clicking it. The service will work whether you have a free or premium Spotify account. Tracks you play via Spotify will of course be scrobbled into your listening history.

As this is a new feature, says there are some known problems which will be ironed out over time. Firstly, if Spotify is not available in your country, it won’t be available via either. Some tracks which are not in Spotify’s 20 million song catalog will incorrectly have a play button next to them, and mobile browsers, Internet Explorer 11 and Opera are not supported. You can see the full list of issues here, and add your feedback here.



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