Spotify updates apps with dark theme

Spotify updates apps with dark theme

Spotify is quietly rolling out a redesign across its apps today. The redesign focuses on a darker theme throughout the interface with green, white, and gray accents throughout the interface. Functionality remains the same with the desktop apps, meaning you can still install apps, create playlists, share songs, and collaborate.

On the Android side of things, Spotify now features a new log in and sign up page, allowing you to type in your login credentials or quickly log in with Facebook Connect. Spotify recently announced that Android users would be able to stream songs to the mobile app for free, though it randomizes an artist’s discography and still limits users to 6 skips an hour.

Spotify for Android

The roll out of the redesign seems to be staggered as many users are reporting getting the redesign while others report no update. Updates to the Spotify app for Mac and Windows downloads silently in the background so check to see if there’s a message saying Spotify needs to restart to update. If not, hang tight as the redesign should be coming to everyone soon.

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Source: The Verge


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