Star gazing from your mobile

Big Dipper - easy to spot!I’ve got pretty bored of sleep recently, it seems such a waste of a perfectly good nine hours. So I’ve been looking for some things to do. Walking the streets has certainly introduced me to some interesting ‘characters’ and listening to music just brings the neighbours round. In their pyjamas! It was as I was shouting out of the window to one of them that I saw the most amazing constellation in the sky. ‘Stars’, it seemed to be saying. It was difficult to read. Which is why I decided to become an astronomical expert. And here’s how I did it:

  • Skychart (Palm) – Space as it is above your head
  • Astro Info (Palm) – Planet viewing to the second
  • Pocket Stars (Pocket PC, Win Mobile) – Highly accurate star-finder and navigator
  • VITO AstroNavigator II (Pocket PC, Win Mobile) – GPS displays the stars you should see
  • Taiyoukei (Pocket PC) – Incredible planetary images including moon phases
  • StarPop (Palm and Pocket PC) – And a little game for you when it gets too cloudy
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