Star Wars is back with the Fortnite v26.20 update

Star Wars is back with the Fortnite v26.20 update
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

Excitement is in the air for Fortnite fans as the big Fortnite v26.20 update arrived on September 25, 2023, for Chapter 4 Season 4. This update might not have a ton of new stuff, but it’s bringing back some favorite Star Wars things, along with new challenges to tackle. Unfortunately, though, the birthday event is saying goodbye for now.


Farewell to some old stuff and hello to Star Wars with Fortnite v26.20 update

One of the things that’s changing is the retirement of Deku’s Smash Mythic item. It’s a little sad to see it go, but don’t worry, you can still find it on Creative Maps if you want to use it. Epic Games, the folks who make Fortnite, are keeping the new Crew Pack for October a secret for now. Players are curious to see what they’ve cooked up. And the best part? Ahsoka Tano is coming to the game.

Ahsoka Tano Joins the Fun

After waiting for weeks, you can finally buy the Ahsoka Tano Outfit in the game’s store. It’s a great time to get it since it lines up with the ending of the Disney+ show ‘Ahsoka.’ Fans are going to love wearing this outfit. Along with the Outfit, you can also get some other things to make Ahsoka look even cooler.

There have been rumors that more Star Wars stuff is coming back along with Ahsoka Tano. Things like Force Powers and Lightsabers are back, which fans from the Star Wars galaxy will be thrilled about. Blasters are also back in the loot pool, making the game even more exciting. People have been hoping for Stormtroopers to come back as computer-controlled characters, but we’ll have to wait and see what Epic Games has in mind.

Goodbye Birthday Party

The Fortnite birthday event is coming to a close as the v26.20 update rolls in, all the birthday decorations and fun stuff are being put away until next year. The Deku’s Smash Mythic item is also leaving, marking the end of the My Hero Academia collaboration.

What is in the October Crew Pack?

Epic Games has been keeping a secret about the October Crew Pack theme for a while. With Fortnitemares happening now, a pack centered around a heist theme is taking the spotlight, tying into the story of Kado Thorne’s time machine. Players are eager to find out what’s inside this mysterious package.

Fortnitemares 2023

Since this update is happening in October 2023, people who dig into the game’s code have been on the lookout for hints about Fortnitemares 2023. Some details have already come out, but there’s probably more hidden stuff waiting to be found once the update is done.

The Fortnite v26.20 update brings back some old favorites, adds new challenges, and keeps a bit of mystery, so Fortnite fans have a lot to look forward to in Chapter 4 Season 4. Get ready to jump back into the action-packed world of Fortnite!

Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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