Starfield update 1.7.33 patch notes: What’s new

Starfield update 1.7.33 patch notes: What’s new
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

The much-anticipated Starfield update 1.7.33 is now available for both PC and Xbox gamers. Before its debut, there were whispers that Starfield would set the bar as Bethesda’s most-refined release. For the most part, Starfield has honored this expectation, even if a few glitches did pop up along the way.

Bethesda releasese Starfield update 1.7.33

While Starfield might arguably boast a smoother launch than its Bethesda predecessors, it hasn’t been without its technical hiccups. Thankfully, Bethesda’s proactive approach with updates, including the latest Starfield update 1.7.33, ensures continuous improvement and resolution for any persisting in-game challenges.

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The recent Starfield update 1.7.33 ensures that characters remain in their designated places, eliminating the odd drifts seen previously. Moreover, the mislabeling of Star Stations as player-owned ships has been rectified. Bethesda has also patched a loophole that gave players unintended access to a vendor’s entire stockpile. Although not explicitly confirmed, it appears that the notorious puddle glitch may have been addressed in this update; however, players would need to confirm this post-update.

Graphics-wise, Starfield’s update offers solutions to issues like unclear textures. A significant component of this patch pertains to the game’s scanner; it previously exhibited lagging behavior after extended use, but this update aims to obliterate that hiccup. Players deeply invested in Starfield should now enjoy a smoother scanning experience devoid of previous glitches. Additionally, the update introduces several general stability and performance enhancements, aiming to minimize game crashes and freezes, thus providing a more fluid gaming experience for Starfield aficionados.

The latest Starfield update 1.7.33 has tackled issues concerning ships in the game. Notably, the update resolves the problem where items displayed on mannequins would vanish. Furthermore, items stored in Razorleaf Storage Containers and Weapon Racks that would mysteriously disappear upon taking over a different ship have now been addressed.

Moving forward, Bethesda plans to roll out more updates to enhance the Starfield gameplay experience. While many of these updates are anticipated to be bug-related fixes, there’s potential for more significant game-changing modifications. Many Starfield enthusiasts have voiced their wishlist of features for the expansive open world sci-fi RPG. Only time will unveil which of these desired elements, if any, make their way into the game.

Patch notes

Below you can see Starfield Update 1.7.33 patch notes shared by Bethesda:


  • Characters: Fixed an issue that could cause some characters to not be in their proper location.
  • Star Stations: Fixed an issue where Star Stations would be labeled as a player-owned ship.
  • Vendors: Addressed an issue that allowed for a vendor’s full inventory to be accessible.


  • AMD (PC): Resolved an issue that caused star lens flares not to appear correctly AMD GPUs.
  • Graphics: Addressed an upscaling issue that could cause textures to become blurry.
  • Graphics: Resolved an issue that could cause photosensitivity issues when scrolling through the inventory menu.


  • Hand Scanner: Addressed an issue where the Hand Scanner caused hitching.
  • Various stability and performance improvements to address crashing and freezes.


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