StarMaker, Walking Dead, and three more apps to try

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This week on Five Apps to Try we have and intriguing handful of apps for you to try. While they may not all be fantastic, they are all interesting.

StarMaker (iOS|Android) starts us off this week, the app that lets you sing and record popular songs, and then compare your effort with others online. Plus, with it tied to American Idol you could even find yourself auditioning for Season 15. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This week’s game is Walking Dead: Road to Survival (iOS|Android) – but remember if you want more games head to Click-Swipe-Play. This free-to-play title lets you join in the adventures of Michonne, Rick, Andrea, and Glenn as they try to survive the zombie hordes.

ClearLock (Android) is the app to help you focus if you can’t stop checking your phone. This lets you lock specific apps stopping you checking them, even if you change your mind. Great when you have something you need to get done.

Our fourth app is Lopeca (iOS) an app designed to give you the chance of embarking on digital tourism by connecting you with people in countries you want to visit and allowing them to take them on a virtual walkabout. The only problems? Calls don’t work well and very few people seem to be using it. But an interesting idea that deserves a go.

Last we have Portal (iOS|Android), a handy app to easily share files, folder, music, videos, and loads more between devices over Wi-Fi networks.

Next week we have a special fitness episode of Five Apps, subscribe so you don’t miss that and leave a comment about any apps you think we missed.

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