Stay away from Internet Explorer for Mac



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It’s clear to us at Softonic that a huge number of people, after switching from Windows to Mac, still want to use Internet Explorer. Well the bad news for Mac newbies is that Internet Explorer for Mac is absolutely atrocious so you’ll have to say goodbye to it now. In fact, it’s so bad it’s virtually unusable nowadays because websites simply won’t render in it properly anymore.

This is what I got when I tried to visit Softonic’s Mac site with it:


Not only does it fail to load most of the page but the elements it did load were badly aligned. Anything other than Google’s homepage seemed to crash Internet Explorer for Mac immediately. Added to the fact that it doesn’t even support Flash, tabbed browsing, modern JavaScript engines, extensions or even ad-pop-up blocking, you’d have to be absolutely masochistic to use it.

Part of the problem, apart from that it’s not even a decent browser on Windows, is that Microsoft abandoned support and development of Internet Explorer for Mac in 2005. Since the browser is subsequently no longer designed to handle the requirements of most modern web pages, we strongly advise you to try Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera instead.

Alternatively, just check out all of the other browsers available for Mac. You have been warned!



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