Stay safe: the 5 best password managers

Stay safe: the 5 best password managers
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Password managers are apps that keep all your passwords safely tied together. This allows you to create complicated passwords for greater security across your accounts, all of which can then be accessed from a single password linked to the program. Here are our five favorites.

1Password (Windows|Mac|iOS|Android)

As 1Password’s name implies it offers one password to rule them all. The service works cross platform, generates strong passwords for you, remembers them, and works as a digital wallet to safely store tickets etc. It is easy to use, well designed, and integrates fingerprint lock where available.

LastPass (Windows|Mac|iOS|Android|Windows Phone)

LastPass was one of the first password managers. It checks your passwords are strong and automatically generates new ones if they are not. A two-step identification process uses either Google Authenticator or a USB key. It also offers a host of other features for security and ease of use. Great for security… not so much for design.

KeePass Password Safe (Windows)

The completely free KeePass Password Safe is an open source password manager. It lets you sync across devices using the cloud, but this function can be disabled if you don’t want your passwords floating around in the ether. KeePass’s main benefit is it open source nature, with a huge community you can be sure any security holes will be quickly patched.

Enpass (Windows|Mac|iOS|Android|Blackberry)

Enpass has support for loads of devices – even Blackberry. By now you know the basics: strong passwords generation, autosave, automatic password updates, and a digital wallet. By default you data is saved locally, but you can securely upload it to the cloud. As a bonus it does not require an account, and the service is free for desktop.

Dashlane (Windows|Mac|iOS|Android)

Encrypting using AES-256 protocol, two-step verification, compatibility with TouchID, and security for your master password, Dashlane maybe the safest app on this list. So much so, that if you do lose your master password you may be trouble… Dashlane also stores information to fill out documents, tickets purchase, and other forms.

Let us know in the comments if we missed a password manager your prefer. Next week we are taking a break, but I will be back in two weeks for another five apps, see you then.

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