Stereomood offers a playlist to fit any emotion

Stereomood offers a playlist to fit any emotion

Picture a scenario where you’re completely stressed out. You’ve a deadline fast approaching, but don’t have time to create a playlist to motivate you to the end. If none of your current songs are cutting it, take a look at Stereomood.

Stereomood is a great, web-based music discovery service that lets you enjoy music based on a specific mood-related keyword. It can be an emotion you’re currently feeling, or even a mood you’d like to get yourself into. What matters is that the playlist you’re given offers you songs that in some way fit the sentiment you chose. Users can choose from a selection of keywords on Stereomood’s main page or else use the site’s drop-down search box. Some of the most popular tags include calm, epic, dreamy, studying, just woke up and candlelit dinner.

You can listen to music without signing up for an account, choose to create an account or simply log in via Facebook. Stereomood’s interface is easy enough to navigate, although with a large image making up the background it might appear a little busy. To choose a playlist, simply pick a mood. Most playlists have hundreds of songs that you can skip through or shuffle at will. You can also like specific songs, add them to your personal library, purchase them, add more tags and even ban the song if you never want to hear it again. There’s also a helpful menu on the left hand side of each playlist that lets you view the top artists in each playlist based on how many of their songs are available to listen to. If you want to share the song, Stereomood has buttons that link to Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit. If that’s not enough, you can scrobble through your account as well!

Stereomood’s development team is based in Italy, and some native English speakers might notice that the service’s documentation is not always grammatically correct. It’s also uncertain just how large Stereomood’s music catalog is. Still, if you’re a fan of other music discovery services like Pandora and 8tracks, but want a different way to search out new artists and songs, Stereomood’s definitely worth a look.

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