Stickers finally come to Facebook on the web

Stickers finally come to Facebook on the web

Facebook stickers have been launched on the web version of the social network. Originally launched for Facebook mobile apps in April, stickers give you another way of expressing yourself in Facebook chat.

Just like the mobile apps, you get a basic range of four sticker categories to start with, and can go to a sticker store where there are lots more collections you can install and use. You access stickers by clicking the emoticon button. Unlike emoticons, stickers cannot be used as part of a sentence.

Stickers are the latest example of a trend Facebook has lifted from another social app – in this case LINE. Until today, the only way to use Facebook stickers from your browser was to install the facemoji extension for Chrome or Firefox. That extension is now pretty irrelevant.

Stickers are clearly a new business line for Facebook, as they open the possibility for premium sticker packs, and sponsored collections (you can already download Despicable Me 2 stickers).

Stickers are also available in the Facebook Messenger apps, so you can use them however you access Facebook.

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