Stop Google from spying on your browsing with Google Container for Firefox

Google Container is a new extension for Firefox that stops Google from spying as you browse.

This extension uses Firefox’s Containers technology. Containers are special tabs that isolate everything happening inside the rest of your browser. This technology enhances your security since it prevents pages within a Container from using cookies or buttons to find out other sites you visit.

Google also has its tricks for knowing where you browse. The official description of Google Container explains: “Clicking Google Share buttons passes information to Google about the website that you shared from. The same happens when you log into your Google account. Installing this extension deletes your Google cookies and logs you out of Google. You can log in and use Google normally when in the Google Container. If you click on a non-Google link or navigate to a non-Google website in the URL bar, these pages will load outside of the container.”

If you don’t want Google to “follow” you around when browsing, try Google Container. According to the site GHacks, it works without a hitch. Ready to try it? Click here to give it a whirl.

If they keep making extensions that isolate big names like Google and Facebook, maybe Firefox will turn Containers into an easy-access feature that lets users decide what exactly they want to isolate.

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