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How to stream US video content while abroad

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz


Last year, we told you about some of the best alternatives to HotSpot Shield for streaming media that may be blocked in your geographic location, including Cyberghost VPN, UltraSurf, TunnelBear, and ExPat Shield.

Whether for business or pleasure, if you frequently travel out of the country and can’t stomach missing your favorite TV shows or just want a quiet night in with a movie via Netflix or Hulu, we’ve got a few more great (and free) tools which make it easier than ever to stream geo-restricted video content while away from home.

Hola Unblocker

Hola Unblocker is a simple and quick add-on for Chrome and Firefox browsers which unblocks access to restricted content by creating a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It’s a really quick installation (it works in seconds) and allows you to unblock websites like Hulu, Netflix, CBS and Fox for streaming movies and TV as if you were in the US.

Hola, the parent software for Hola Unblocker, is also a great addition for quicker streaming, less buffering and faster downloads. The more people that are using Hola, the quicker the internet connection will be. Hola works by reducing bottlenecks and excess noise caused by surfing the web, specifically by how it caches content, as well as compressing communication between users, to make your internet connection much faster. You can download Hola for Windows and Android (it even reduces mobile data usage!).

Hola Unblocker

Media Hint

Media Hint is similar to Hola Unblocker in that it’s a Chrome and Firefox add on that installs in seconds and requires no manual set-up. For Google Chrome, you simply download the extension, go to your settings, and drag and drop the file into your extensions. Firefox set-up is even easier – just download the add on and that’s it. It automatically installs in your browser and viola – instant access to restricted content from the US or UK. The current version offers a free 7 day trial before you commit to any monthly or yearly plans.



Unlike Hola Unblocker and Media Hint, Tor isn’t specifically for streaming geo-restricted content, but it can definitely be of use if you want to access it. Tor protects your privacy when browsing the web by bouncing around your traffic through a distributed network of servers, called ‘onion routers’, helping you surf anonymously. It takes a bit more set-up and configuration to access the blocked sites you want to use, so it may not be the quickest option available, but Tor has the additional benefit of providing you with safe and private web browsing.


Whether you’re on vacation trying to watch your favorite shows back home, or are dying to see that geo-restricted YouTube video, these tools will help you access online content, wherever you are.

Check out some of these other great tools for creating a VPN and accessing geo-restricted content.

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