Street Fighter 6 Competition: First-Ever Official Tournament Offers Historic Million-Dollar Prize!

Participate in the Capcom Cup X and become a millionaire playing Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Competition: First-Ever Official Tournament Offers Historic Million-Dollar Prize!
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Capcom is betting big on Street Fighter 6, the next title in the franchise that made a splash with Street Fighter 2 in the nineties and that has a more than forgettable movie to its credit. Although it’s been seven years since the fifth installment was released, the sixth will be released this year and Capcom wants to pull out all the stops.

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Taking advantage of the end of Capcom Cup IX, the last official Street Fighter V tournament, the company has announced that the next competition, Capcom Cup X, will be about Street Fighter 6. And to celebrate both the launch and the tenth anniversary of the cup, they will award one million dollars to the winner.

The total prize pool for the tournament, including all categories, will rise to more than two million dollars, a price that will serve as an incentive for player participation and the overall impact of the video game. To reach the cup finals, fighters will have to go through the Capcom Pro Tour 2023, which will begin during the summer and will mix both online and in-person matches.

When will street fighter 6 come out?

If you are thinking of signing up for the tournament, you have to be patient. Street Fighter 6 won’t be released until June 2, 2023, but it will be released on almost all platforms: Steam, PS4 and PS5 and Xbox Series. The game will come with 18 playable characters from the start and many new features.

It has been confirmed that the Arcade Mode will arrive from the beginning, something that did not happen in the same way with the previous installment. And they have used a new game engine that gives a more realistic look to the characters. The previews so far are exciting, so we can only wait to meet Ryu, Chun-Li and company.

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