Street Fighter 6: The Long-Awaited Fighting Game Has Finally Arrived!

Fist to fist in one of the best fighting games of the decade

Street Fighter 6: The Long-Awaited Fighting Game Has Finally Arrived!
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

We mentioned a few weeks ago that the new Street Fighter 6 was going to be well-received. The demos left us with a very positive impression, and players were thrilled with Capcom’s fighting game.

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When Street Fighter V was released in 2016, it lacked a long list of standard features (although it eventually improved) for a fighting game that aimed to compete with Tekken and other titles.

On the other hand, Street Fighter 6 is a robust game right from the start. It is packed with content, its gameplay is stable, and it is wrapped in a colorful and visually striking style that captivates the players.

A fighting game that has ideal modes and features

This time, the basic aspects have been taken into account: there are versus and arcade modes, a training room filled with options, and respectably detailed tutorials that delve into the fundamentals of fighting games.

A new addition is the World Tour, an extensive single-player mode that allows you to create your own fighter and unleash them in a universe where almost everyone is willing to engage in duels at the slightest invitation.

Unlike standard story modes in fighting games, the World Tour unfolds more like an open-world game, in a similar vein to Sega’s Yakuza series. You’ll explore a city, level up your fighter’s statistics, don the stylish clothing of your choice, and learn fighting styles from the classic roster of the series, customizing moves to create an avatar that can then be taken online to engage in extremely unbalanced yet entertaining battles.

The side missions act as interactive tutorials for novice fighters, while the flashy cutscenes and amusing dialogue help flesh out the extravagant world of Street Fighter.

However, battling hordes of disposable thugs quickly becomes tiresome, and hitting a wall where no skill can compensate for the almost negligible damage you inflict until you level up can be tedious. But as a fun and gentle entry point for novice players, it remains surprisingly enjoyable.

But the essence of fighting games is one-on-one competition, and here, beginners are also given a helping hand.

In addition to the traditional six-button system, simplified “modern” controls are offered: both novice and veteran players can execute special moves more quickly and consistently by simply pressing a button, with slightly reduced damage as a fair trade-off for the ease of use.

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A truly robust and reliable online mode

The importance of a good online system for a modern fighting game cannot be overstated, as it expands the potential pool of competitors while ensuring the game’s responsiveness and reaction.

Speeding up the matchmaking process and fighting against opponents allows for a faster and more intense loop of learning, testing, and refining one’s gameplay style, and that’s ultimately what keeps me eagerly playing SF6.

It’s a rare game where losing can still be enjoyable because it fuels the drive to improve, to find the warrior’s path, and perhaps accumulate some victories along the way.

Reinventing a franchise that has been around for over 30 years without losing sight of its traditions requires a lot of effort, and Capcom has accomplished it admirably.

Let’s hope that the monetization plans that are yet to come are reasonable and that the netcode remains smooth because the king of fighting games, Street Fighter II Turbo, is on notice: a new contender has arrived.

Remember, it will be released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on June 2, 2023.

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