Supreme Commander 2 demo released


If your main problem with real time strategy is that the games don’t have enough scale, Supreme Commander 2 looks like solving that problem. This futuristic game puts you in the position of Supreme Commander, controlling an army from a giant robot. Square Enix have just released a demo through Steam, and if your PC is up to it, I’d recommend having a go.

The gameplay is fairly standard, as you have to build factories, armies, manage resources and so on while defending or attacking enemies. It’s good, but doesn’t reinvent the wheel. However, the size of Supreme Commander is impressive, with huge armies and vast play areas. Personally, I find the scale a bit overwhelming, but if you love multitasking, this is definitely the game for you. My only complaint is that the dialogue is pretty cheesy and hammy which detracts from the overall feeling of the game.

Supreme Commander 2 requires the Steam client which can be downloaded here, though you’ll need at least a 2.6 GHz processor to run it!

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