Take a fresh approach to personal organization

Midnight InboxIf you’ve ever read David Allen’s Getting Things Done then you’ll love Midnight Inbox which is based on the principles he preaches across America. And if you’re just a typical male like me and need a little help in the organisation department, you’ll find Midnight Inbox of great help. I’m telling you, this program can do just about everything apart from remind you to flush the toilet.

The program is different from a traditional notification based organiser though as it takes a pro-active role in conducting your life. As new e-mail, documents and calendar events come in, it intercepts them and places them in various inboxes in terms of the priority you assign them. It gives you gentle reminders of which tasks it assesses need prioritising but it’s not in your face all the time, shrieking at you like some deranged programs do. The motto of the program is “work smarter, not harder” which is a good way to sum-up what Midnight Inbox can do for you.

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