Take better care of your dream car

Take better care of your dream car

Old bangerIf you’ve just purchased the car of your dreams or you’ve got a classic car that you want to take extra special care of, then you’ll need to keep good track of exactly how much it’s been used and when it needs servicing amongst many other factors. Car Trak enables you to do exactly this by providing an exhaustive history of your car’s performance and history.

Car Trak works by making a detailed analysis of all the data relative to the maintenance and specifications of your particular vehicle. It calculates everything from projected petrol expenses, distance driven, repair costs to scheduled inspections, general expenses and fuel consumption. The data is presented in a detailed spreadsheet style interface which summarises all the major data about your vehicle. From this general view, you can also ‘drill’ individual statistics for a more in depth look at the data.

The program supports several different measurement scales catering mainly for US and UK drivers (with an emphasis on the former) and allows you to track several vehicles simultaneously. if you want to share the data with others or when you sell your car, you can even export the to CSV, HTML or RTF format. So get your motor running and head out for the highway!

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