Take control of your screen colours

DarkAdapted logoIf you’re an amateur astronomer, graphics professional or in any other line of work which requires isolating certain colours in your screen, you might find that whatever program your using is very limited in what it can do. If you’ve ever needed more control over your screen controls other than those offered by Windows, then DarkAdapted allows you greater scope to alter your screen and the all important gamma settings.

By tweaking the controls, you can adapt the contrast and brightness of your screen as you might do on a TV. There are special settings for those programs that require a particularly bright or dark setting which you can toggle back and forth in a few clicks. You can also create presets to deal with special monitor characteristics or viewing conditions depending on what you use the PC for. The gamma settings are adjusted using sliding bars controlled from the keyboard. If you’ve got a high resolution monitor, there’s also high-resolution sliders which allow you to adjust red, green, and blue video components individually and in real time.

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