Take control of your web stats

Take control of your web stats

Stats logoIf you’ve got a website or blog, then do you know who is visiting your site? If you’re serious about developing your site and attracting more readers, then a decent stats analysis tool is essential. If you don’t, then it’s still interesting to see how many people are reading your site, where they are coming from and what they’re interested in.

Sometimes these apps throw up the most amusing stats too like the time I found the most popular search term for my site was “dog diapers”. Mostly though, I use my web stats tool to work out the sort of things I should be writing more about (not necessarily dog diapers as popular a theme as it may be!). If you want a detailed breakdown of every aspect of your site’s traffic, then AlterWind Log Analyzer is very comprehensive. This highly advanced logging tool gives you full control over how your stats are logged (such as by instructing it to ignore certain visits) and also allows you to log traffic on multiple webpages, or mirrors of your website. Even more detailed is Advanced Log Analyzer which allows logs of more than 1GB in size but is very light on your CPU.

If, however, you can’t be bothered going through the minutiae of your web stats but are just curious as to who is visiting your site, then you’re better off with WhosOn. Although it’s by no means simple, it’s easy to use, well presented and even allows you to chat in real time with your visitors. The most simple logger out there is Homelog which is a no thrills analyzer but it does do everything in real-time so you can have fun watching your site in action. Finally, if you want more control over your stats for promotion purposes, then AddWeb Website Promoter doesn’t require much work on your part as it automatically optimises your site in search engines. It also provides limited stats although they don’t go much further than showing you the most popular search terms.

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