Take control of your Wi-Fi connection

To steal or not to steal?After a man was arrested for allegedly sitting in the street piggy-backing off a neighbour’s wireless connection, the debate is again raging as to the morality of ‘borrowing’ a Wi-Fi link-up. Whatever your stance on the issue, there are plenty of software applications around for both saints and sinners to help you control wireless connections.

If you’re fed up with people trying to bust into your connection then you may want to try out the MyWIFIzone Internet Access Blocker. Unlike regular wireless encyrption, the application allows you to decide exactly who gets blocked from accessing your connection. So you can give Uncle Bill down the hall free access, yet still prevent Freddy Freeloader nicking your bandwidth.

Don’t worry though Freddy, you can still blag free Internet access if you install Easy WIFI Radar on your laptop. The free program beats the pants of Windows XP’s connection manager, and hooks up to open hotspots automatically, showing you exactly what it is doing in a cool animated radar screen. Just remember to pack your mask if you’re going on the scrounge for connections from people’s homes.

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