Take Office 2007 to the next level and gain some clarity with themes!

Take Office 2007 to the next level and gain some clarity with themes!

Themes are a collection of style options that can be applied to all or part of a document. Themes include a variety of style options, including the font, color, style, point size, etc. Themes can be used to keep your documents consistent, especially business documents that need a cohesive look and feel. This option is also excellent for students who need to keep their style consistent with the guide recommended by their instructor (such as MLA or APA). Themes are incredibly useful if you’re developing newsletters, too, because you can make your newsletters unique while keeping them all in line with your organization’s tone and voice.

Apply a Preset Word Theme

Office 2007 makes it easy to apply themes within your documents. Word 2007 comes with a wide selection of themes and more are available for download. You can even create your own!

To set up and begin using themes, create a new document. First, try out a few of the native themes available in Word 2007. The advantage of using a pre-made theme is that these are designed by professional graphic artists. It’s actually quite hard to develop a theme if you don’t have typographical skills and a little experience. Word has the themes organized to help you find the right one according to the type of document you are creating.

Go to Page Layout and select Themes. This will bring a drop-down menu into view, showing the available theme. Position your pointer over any theme to see how it will look if you choose to use it in your document. To apply a theme you’ve chosen, just click on it.

Find More Pre-made Themes Online

For business purposes, or just to be unique, you may opt to download one of the themes available online. These are available for download, and many are offered for free. Please see Microsoft for more information.

Make Your Own Theme

To customize your own theme, you can go to Page Layout and then to Themes and customize each setting individually there. You can preview your newly created theme just as you did with the pre-made themes that are already programmed into Word 2007.

Office 2007 is full of customizable options; play around some and see what you might like to change.

If you’re interested in getting the right theme using graphic design, check out the tools in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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