Take screenshots of a web page in a snap

Thumbs up to thumbalizrThere are a lot of times when I want to take a screengrab of the site I’m on, be it for posterity, to use for a blog post or for work purposes. However, I often simply can’t be bothered to load up a screen capture program and I end up just leaving it. I’ve just discovered a cool new online app though, called thumbalizr, which does the job for you in seconds without you needing to delve into your Program menu.

All you need to do is enter the URL of the site you want to capture then hit the ‘thumb it’ button. It only takes a few seconds to load, before a screenshot of your desired page is taken. You can then choose to save the image, selecting from a range of different resolutions. The service works really well and here’s hoping thumbalizr will release a version that lets you grab from your desktop in the near future.

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