Taylor Swift’s new app brings you into her ‘Blank Space’ nightmare

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The marketing machine behind Taylor Swift released a companion app to the pop singer’s new “Blank Space” music video. The app lets you explore the estate featured in the video and witness Swift’s lovers quarrel firsthand. The app features motion controls so you can move your phone around to change your view. If you don’t want to move around, you can just drag your finger around to see more.

Taylor Swift’s new app brings you into her ‘Blank Space’ nightmare

The American Express UNSTAGED: Taylor Swift app features 360 degree video, allowing you to experience the music video as if you were standing in the middle of each room. It’s reminiscent of Google’s Street View but offers live video and interactive environments. There are collectibles around the estate to search for and gives the “game” some replayability (if you can stand listening to “Blank Space” over and over again).

Swift fans will undoubtedly eat this up. The app give a unique perspective not seen in the music video but it doesn’t do much beyond play “Blank Space” over and over again while you explore. You can view the collectibles you’ve found, some of which are hilarious, like this picture of Swift wielding an axe.

Taylor Swift with axe

The app is available on both Android and iOS. It’s a massive download so grab a snack or read Ulysses while you wait.

Download Amex UNSTAGE: Taylor Swift for Android

Download Amex UNSTAGE: Taylor Swift for iOS

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