Techaways – The week’s best bits in 4 bites

Techaways – The week’s best bits in 4 bites

Facebook fails another test

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Facebook has pulled its new Explore Feed tab, which it first introduced when users complained about the lack of relevant posts popping up in their news feed. Facebook has framed the Explore tab as a mere test, which means another Facebook experiment has fallen flat on its face and the social media giant still faces the reality that people do not like what their Facebook news feeds are serving up.

With Facebook’s history of running sinister sounding experiments on its users perhaps another failed test like the explore tab could be seen as a win for its users. It is infinitely better than running a test on how easy it is for lies to spread as Facebook did in 2013; or trying to find out if your friends are more likely to buy something if you say you’re going to buy it as Facebook did in 2011. Perhaps the most shocking test that Facebook ran was back in 2010 when it experimented on a massive 61,279,316 users of voting age whether it could affect the way they voted.

The list of intrusive and shocking experiments Facebook has run goes on and will likely continue to grow. Remember that with Facebook you’re the product, and the social media giant isn’t afraid to tweak, probe, and test its product as it tries to increase profits and even boost its hold and control over the 2 billion subscribers it has around the world.

Google and Facebook making money off of prostitution


Source: John D McHugh/ AFP

Lawmakers in the UK are looking at a potential law that will require online platforms like Facebook and Google to take more responsibility for the content shown on their platforms. The calls for the change in law have come after it came out that both Google and Facebook have been making money off advertisements for pop-up brothels.

What makes this whole sordid affair even worse, is that a number of the brothels that have been advertising on the Google and Facebook have been found to be involved in human trafficking and the exploitation of sex-workers.

A similar bill is being pushed through US Congress that targets internet firms that, “knowingly assist, support or facilitate” content that leads to trafficking. In particular, the US bill is designed to tackle sites like that are packed with sex ads, many of them trafficked women or teenage runaways.

If laws on both sides of the Atlantic come into force, it’ll mean the web giants will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to the types of content and services advertised on their platforms.

Android Go makes your old mobile so much better

Source: Android Authority

The rollout of Google’s line of Go apps, designed to run on older mobile devices, continues at a pace. As well as, Android Oreo (Go Edition), which makes Android run better on phones with less than 1GB Ram, and takes up less space than the full version of the OS, Google has rolled out some Go versions of its apps. These include YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Maps Go, Assistant Go, and Files Go, which will even recommend apps that you don’t need anymore.

It isn’t just Google either. Facebook has released lite versions of its Facebook and Messenger apps, and now Microsoft is getting involved too. Microsoft owned Skype is now optimized for use on slower and older mobiles, and even on mobiles running much older versions of Android, all the way back to Android 4.03.

With such innovation designed to squeeze performance out of older devices, more and more people will have reliable access to internet services and might be time to start thinking about what to do with all those old devices you have lying around the house.

Oscars honest trailers

Source: Youtube (Screen Junkies)

The Oscars have been and gone, and the results seem to indicate a revolution could be about to grip Hollywood. From the Time’s Up movement to a black man taking home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay via the Best Film going to a movie about a romantic relationship between a woman and a sea creature; Hollywood seems to be finally waking up to the fact that you don’t need to be a middle-aged white man to be capable of creating beautiful art. Even Netflix took home an Oscar.

This is all great news as it’ll open up new opportunities to artists and creators who have for too long been denied their chance to shine. Let’s not forget to laugh, however, at the pomp and ceremony of it all, and what better way to do it than via the internet sensation that is Honest Trailers. Check out below all of the honest trailers for this year’s biggest Oscar nominees and see if they affect your views on the night’s big winners.


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