TechAways – The week best bits in 4 bites

TechAways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Alexa, fatally harm mud crabs…

Boom! E3 has kicked off, and we’ve already been bombarded with big announcements about the biggest video game franchises. As always with E3, however, we’ve been getting some of the wall announcements straight out of left-field. The best announcement so-far has to have come from Bethesda who’ve poked fun at themselves in an ingenious way.

It has been a running joke for years now, that Bethesda has stopped making new games, instead concentrating on porting the hugely popular RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to different platforms. As well as PC, PS3, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions gamers have been mocking up fake versions of Skyrim for everything from your smart kettle to a pipboy from Bethesda’s other popular RPG series, Fallout. With a host of new games announced including two new Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and a brand new franchise called Starfield; Bethesda was in a strong position to poke fun at their recent Skyrim porting history. That’s right, there is a brand new version of Skyrim available, and you can play it on Amazon Alexa.

With the trailer announcing other versions for your etch-a-sketch, Motorola pager, and a Samsung smart fridge it seemed to be a joke announcement. In fact, Skyrim on Alexa is very real, and you can play it right now. Repeat after me, “Alexa, open Skyrim.” Now go enjoy the adventure.

The eyePhone and eyeOS has some crazy skills!

The biggest announcement from last week’s WWDC by Apple was undoubtedly iOS 12. Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones and iPads comes packed with plenty of new bells and whistles, but one developer, Matt Moss, noticed a particularly cool innovation.  ARkit 2.0 includes eye tracking, which means your phone will be able to follow your eye movements and understand exactly what you’re looking at. This cool video below shows you just how good the iPhone, or should we say eyePhone, will be at tracking your eye movements.

Some people took to Twitter to decry what this will mean for the types of ads we’ll see in the future, but Moss was keen to highlight what it’ll mean for accessibility.

This technology will make it a hell of a lot easier for people with disabilities interact with the digital world. If you add Microsoft’s recent Xbox gamepad designed for disabled gamers, it has been a good couple of weeks for progressive developments in tech.

When Art History comes for you

Oh what an age we live in. Sure, at times, the world feels like it is spinning out of control, but at least we have social media so that we can crowdsource the mockery of these unnerving times. A perfect example of this came from last week’s G7 summit in Canada, which saw US President picking a fight with the US’s biggest allies while also offering support to Vladimir Putin.

Source: The Guardian

Tensions must have been running high at the G7 summit, and one picture, of the World’s leaders crowding round Donald Trump, seemed to capture the mood perfectly. The photo in question was shared a lot, and it wasn’t long before people started editing the photo and the Merkel – Trump meme was born. Check out the best below. Some of them are great.


Can’t get enough? Here you go.

Asleep at the wheel

There have been a number of car accidents this year because people don’t seem to understand exactly what Tesla’a Autopilot system is. Autopilot is a semi-autonomous driving system designed to offer advanced cruise control and auto-steering, but it isn’t fully autonomous. The driver needs to be paying attention to the road with hands on the wheel. Seemingly, people letting their guard down when using Autopilot has led to accidents and even caused deaths. This is a problem for Tesla as these misunderstandings can whip up a lot of negative press for the car company.

A new video coming out of California then might make things worse. The video seems to show a Tesla employee napping, while Autopilot is engaged and will no doubt confuse the issue even further.

Tesla isn’t happy about the video, telling Mashable, “We take safety very seriously and are investigating this incident.”

A lot is said about how many lives can be saved once humans no longer drive cars. It is human error that accounts for most car accidents so if we can remove it from the equation we’ll also be able to remove the accidents. In the meantime, however, confusion over the capabilities of self-driving cars is causing fatal problems. This’ll likely end up leading to prohibition of human drivers in the future, but for now, those leading the charge towards a fully autonomous future need to take responsibility for properly educating those using their technology. You’ve dropped the ball here Tesla, and you need to sort it out before more people die.

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