Techaways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Techaways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Big things coming to Netflix

Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

From Stranger Things to releasing an entire TV Series at the same time Netflix has never been afraid to try new things. The strategy has been successful as Netflix has a whopping 117 million paying subscribers. With Netflix flying high, it’ll be no surprise that they’re continuing in their efforts to innovate and bring the biggest names to their online streaming platform.

The latest of Netflix’s new efforts come in the shape of gamification. Netflix has rolled out, to test audiences, the addition of Netflix patches to certain Netflix original shows, namely Netflix Original shows for kids. The idea is to offer kids virtual prizes for watching episodes of certain shows on Netflix. Do you think your kid will want to collect all the Netflix patches?

Another effort from Netflix, which is arguably much bigger than virtual patches, is the streaming service’s attempts to sign Barack Obama to produce a show. Obama has already appeared on Netflix, as a guest on David Letterman’s show My Guest Needs no Introduction, and a Netflix show would give President Obama a chance to communicate with the 117 million people around the world who have signed up to Netflix. We’d love to hear your ideas for Obama’s Netflix show in the comments below.

MiniDoom 2 is the cutest version of Hell you’ll ever see

Source: Youtube

MiniDoom 2 is an absolute marvel! Based on an unofficial 2D game that two brothers made a few years while they were teaching video game programming, MiniDoom 2 has 17 levels to fight through and offers you 14 weapons to help you do so. It also has plenty secrets and collectibles for gamers to find, which are all based on the original series of Doom games from ID Software.

Doom 2, which saw a lone marine face off against minions from hell was groundbreaking when it first launched and took the world by storm. Although MiniDoom 2 is probably the cutest version of hell you’ll ever see, the action is fast-paced and backed by a soundtrack that’ll have your hearting pumping even faster. To top it all off, MiniDoom 2 is completely free!!! If you fancy giving it a go, you can download it for free here.

Bose wants to augment reality with sound

Source: Raymond Wong /Mashable

These days when people think about augmented reality, they think about Pokémon Go, Google Glass, or even Ikea’s app that lets you see what furniture would look like in your living room. When people think about augmented reality, they think visual augmentation. High-end speaker and headphone manufacturer Bose want to change that. Bose wants to start augmenting reality with sound as well as images.

To do this Bose is developing augmented reality sunglasses that will give the wearer audio cues about whatever it is they’re looking at. What is even more impressive is that the glasses don’t use cameras at all. Instead, Bose’s glasses use onboard sensors and precise GPS data to understand what the user is looking at so that they can then pass relevant information through the two directional speakers built into the stems of the glasses.

As well as the glasses, Bose is also investing $50 million into a fund that’ll promote the development of the AR platform itself. Already signed up to the platform are giants like Srava, TripAdvisor, TuneIn, and Yelp, but Bose also hopes hardware developers will a start looking at making their own accessories that will take advantage of the Bose AR system.

If this catches on, it could be huge!

Mario has invaded Google Maps

Source: Nintendo

March 10th is now Mario Day. It might be a stretch, but Mar 10 spells Mario, so March 10th is now Mario Day. To celebrate the fact, or perhaps because soon we’ll be getting a mobile version of Mario Kart, Nintendo and Google partnered up to bring us Mario Time in Google Maps.

Mario Time means that whenever you use Maps for navigation, Mario will be right there with you showing you which way you need to go. Instead of having the normal blue arrow, you’ll have Mario riding his famous red kart. This cool little update will only last for about a week so if you want to ride with Mario make sure you do it soon. You’ll find instructions here.

Oh yeah, you read that right. Mario Kart is coming to mobile. Tell all your friends!

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