Techaways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Techaways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Single game of Fortnite clocks over 1,000,000 viewers!

Source: Kotaku

The internet almost exploded last week when Fortnite streamer Ninja hooked up with Drake to stream a Fortnite match on Twitch. Together they were able to smash the Twitch record for most concurrent viewers of a single match by notching up over 600,000 live viewers. This destroyed the previous record, which just a month prior stood at 388,000 viewers. For a brief moment there it looked as if Drake had flexed his pop culture muscle to show YouTubers that you know, they ain’t got nothing on him.

Well, that brief moment is long gone as this week Spanish YouTuber elrubius, put a call out to the 100 best Spanish language speaking Fortnite players to join him in a match on Twitch. The resulting match clocked up a whopping 1 million live viewers and has since been viewed over 9 million times. Rubius has over 28 million subscribers on YouTube but what makes this match even more impressive is that the 1 million live viewers were just the ones that were watching Rubius’ stream of the match. A lot of the 100 players also had huge YouTube followings themselves so once their numbers come in too that record-breaking figure could keep climb even higher.

Your move Drake.

Flat-Earther “Mad” Mike survives homemade rocket launch!

Source: BGR

“Mad” Mike Hughes has been trying to launch his homemade, steam-powered rocket for a while now. A variety of circumstances have blocked his attempts to launch including the fact that he failed to submit the necessary paperwork required to launch a rocket from government property. Having finally crossed all the Ts, dotted all the Is, and found a suitable launch location “Mad” Mike was finally able to launch his “Research Flat Earth” rocket, within in it, on Saturday morning just outside of LA.

Ambitious crackpot self-taught engineer launches himself almost 2,000 feet into the air on a rocket he built himself almost sounds inspirational. The crazy part is the “Research Flat Earth” plastered on the side of his rocket. Hughes was sponsored by a Flat Earth research group, which is why he took the message with him on his date with destiny. Unfortunately, 1,800 feet isn’t high enough to be able to see the curvature of the earth so Hughes won’t be able to say definitively one way or another whether the earth is flat or round.

The question does remain, however, about why would a flat earth organization want to sponsor a project that could provide irrefutable evidence that the earth is round? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Black Mirror in China Part 2: The car vending machine

Source: The Verge / YouTube (Alibaba)

Last week we told you about the very real restrictions that Chinese citizens with low social credit scores face. Anybody who has a low social credit score, which comes from social and financial behavior faces travel restrictions that’ll last for up to a year. This week we’re bringing you the flip side of this dystopian nightmare. The perks of having a high social credit score.

As we head into a fully automated future, the idea of arbitrary responses from virtual machines seems all the more terrifying if you have a low social credit score. The flip side is that a positive score, like 700 points, could get you access all sorts of goodies. 700 is 150 more points than you start out with before you’ve made any transactions that affect your social credit score. One such example, in Guangzhou, is a cat-themed vending machine that spits out Fords for free test drives.

The vending machine is the result of a partnership between online retailing giant Alibaba and American car manufacturer Ford. All Alibaba customers need to do is select the model of car they want to test drive on their Tmall app, snap a selfie of themselves, and then turn up at the selected time. They’ll get a 3-day test drive for free, citizens with lower scores will have to pay, and they’ll even be able to then buy the car directly through the app.

It gets even worse for Facebook

Source: Venture Beat

You could feel sorry for Facebook if it wasn’t for how badly it has handled everything since last week’s Cambridge Analytica scandal hit the headlines. The bad news for the all-seeing social network this week comes in the form of Facebook users posting online years’ worth of contacts and call histories that they’d found when downloading all of the data that Facebook had been gathering on them. The worse news was how Facebook handled it, and you can probably guess how it went about it. Facebook blamed the user.

That’s right. If Facebook has been storing all of your call data, it’s your own damn fault. Apparently, Facebook only gathers all of this information if you give it permission and only does it to improve your experience when using Facebook Lite and Messenger. This fact may technically be true, but the fact that the people posting all this info online seem oblivious to it only highlights further how Facebook has been hoodwinking Facebook users. Surely know it won’t be long before we see Zuckerberg testifying in front of Congress.

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