TechAways – The week best bits in 4 bites

TechAways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Emojis are better at karaoke than you are

When the iPhone X first shipped one of the standout features was face tracking technology, akin to that found on the Xbox Kinect. To show it off Apple launched animojis, which tracked your facial movements and moved an emoji of your choice to match them. Once released it didn’t take long for users to start putting it to good use. Animoji karaoke was born.

Twitter quickly became awash with chickens, dogs, monkeys, and even poop singing along to karaoke classics like Queen.

Well now Animoji karaoke is back, and Apple has gone all out in a bid to build up hype for its Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The song getting the animoji treatment is Citizen Kane by Korean group Hyukoh.  As well as the face tracking bear, chicken, and dragon emojis Apple has produced a neon fused video to go with the pumping Korean beats. Check it out. Bets are you’ll love it.

This is what happens when you hack The Game Boy Camera

Huawei recently a smartphone that has a 40-megapixel camera. That means photographs taken on it will have a whopping 40,000,000 pixels and will be incredibly clear. Now compare that to Nintendo’s humble Game Boy camera, which rocked a 128 x 128 pixel CMOS sensor. Images taken with the Game Boy Camera come in a mere 39,983,616 pixels short of the pictures taken with the brand new Huawei.

Source: Nintendolife

A lack of pixels does not mean a lack of magic. Nintendo is amazing at inspiring its fans to do amazing things with the products it brings to market. You only have to look at the Brand New Nintendo Labo to see how true this is. A mere 128 x 128 can still spark the imagination, and with that spark, Bastiaan Ekeler started a fire on the god-damned moon. Yes, he used his Game Boy Camera to take pictures of the moon, and they look sick.

To achieve his moon shots and a whole host of other sick shots Ekeler had to hack into his Game Boy Camera and hook it up to a Canon EF lens mount. To find out how he did it click here. His results were so good that he was even able to get a nice bokeh effect, which has now become a must-have feature on the latest flagship smartphone cameras.

Reach for the stars: NASA opens a new “Exoplanet Travel Bureau”

Have you ever wanted to visit another planet? Take a stroll on a world far from home, look up at a sky filled with moons, feel the heat of more than one sun, or relax on the shores of Extraterrestrial River as alien stars twinkle in the strange skies above? Well now you can, thanks to NASA’s brand new exoplanet travel bureau.

Source: NASA

If you’re a real fan of traveling the universe, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the retro travel posters NASA released a while ago. Achingly cool, the posters tell stories of far-away worlds offering exotic, never before seen wonders to intrepid explorers. Well now, NASA wants you to visit the likes of Kepler-186F, Kepler-16b, and Trappist-1e.

Obviously, and somewhat, unfortunately, these visits can only be virtual. NASA has created virtual landscapes for each planet, based on all of the data they’ve gathered so far. On some, they’ve even included an “Add Atmosphere” button to simulate what the planet could look like if it had an atmosphere. These places are so far away, NASA hasn’t been able to figure it out yet.

So if you want to see what it is like on the surface of other planets all you have to do is put on your mobile VR headset, or turn all the lights off and go take a look on your desktop. Definitely worth a trip.

Yes, Apple is now an emoji company

It is two emoji stories in one week for Apple, proving the hippest tech company really is out there pushing the world to where it needs to be. Where would we be, as a modern civilized society, if we weren’t able to make emojis sing along to our favorite songs? Fortunately, as we’ve seen, Apple has saved us from having to live in such a horrible place, and thanks to the biggest announcement from Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference it’s gone one better. Emojis are dead. Long live the Memoji.

Source: Mashable

Yes, if you buy one of Apple’s incredibly expensive products, you’ll be able to put all of that tech to good use by turning yourself into an emoji.

You can tailor everything from skin color to accessories. As the live demo shows, you can even make sure your Memoji has “just the right amount of freckles.” The world truly is a better place thanks to Apple’s constant innovation. We must thank our Silicon Valley overlords for bestowing upon us such power. Memojis are so good, that is almost worth Apple paying hardly any tax on the billions of dollars they make every year. Almost. Try harder Apple, or maybe just pay your taxes, like the rest of us.

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