Techaways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Techaways – The week best bits in 4 bites

Did an Apple AirPod just explode?

Apple’s wireless ear jacks have been out for over a year now, and have proven very popular for joggers and gym bunnies who appreciate the lack of annoying cables.

But all that earplug love could turn to fear and loathing thanks to what Jason Colon said happened to him during a workout in Tampa, Florida.

According to the buff gym-goer, one of his AirPods started belching white smoke, caught fire, then exploded.

There are no corroborating witnesses, but take a look at the news report; Colon’s testimony seems pretty genuine, as does the damage to his ear jacks.

Apple is investigating the incident – but in the meantime, let’s hope listening to music won’t literally blow anyone’s ears off.

Researchers find anxiety lurking in your inbox, to no one’s surprise

Source: Getty Images/ PhotoAlto

Is checking email late into the night making you tense, affecting your relationships, and generally screwing with your life?

Then you may well be suffering from technostress, a threat to our well being that is finally being taken seriously by researchers.

The condition isn’t helped by managers who expect that we will always be ready to reply to late-night or weekend messages.

Some bosses have realized that far worse than existential despair and suicidal depression, this also makes us drones less productive, and so they’ve started banning out of hours emails.

French workers have even won the right to disconnect, allowing them to insist on email-free evenings and weekends. And a lot of us are asking when the rest of the world will follow suit.

Black Panther trolls foiled on Rotten Tomatoes target IMDb

Source: Movieweb

Down With Disney was identified as a hate group and banned on Facebook and elsewhere when it announced plans to attack Marvel blockbuster Black Panther on the Rotten Tomatoes movie website.

But the trolls’ efforts ended in failure, with the movie’s score still in the high nineties.

So they turned their attention to IMDb with a flurry of one-star user reviews that dragged down the movie’s overall score on that website.

None of this seems to be worrying the film’s cast or director much. In addition to great reviews, there is already a slew of sequels and a spin-off planned, and ticket sales promise to be very healthy indeed – in contrast with the mental states of its wannabe hijackers.

Jackpotting: bank robbery with none of the violence (but most of the prison time)

If you’re thinking of robbing a bank but don’t fancy the gun-toting mayhem, jackpotting might be for you.

Get a smart friend to hack into the bank’s ATM network, then hang around and wait for the machine to spit out all its bills. You don’t even have to enter the bank.

Sounds good, right? That’s what two guys in Massachusetts thought when they allegedly tried it at the end of January. They are accused of hitting several ATMs and raking in ten grand.

If found guilty, they’ll be charged with fraud, not robbery. But that still carries a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Maybe it’s best to stick to the day job after all.


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