Everything we know so far about Ted Lasso season 3

Everything we know so far about Ted Lasso season 3
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

The eagerly anticipated third season of Ted Lasso will be back this spring 2023, as announced by Apple TV+. To give fans a glimpse of what’s to come, the network has released a first-look image of the titular coach in the upcoming third season. (Pictured above)

The highly-anticipated third season of Ted Lasso is set to arrive in just a few months’ time. The new season will continue the story from where it left off in season two, particularly focusing on the aftermath of Nate Shelley’s defection to become the manager of Premier League team West Ham.

First look

The first image from the upcoming season of Ted Lasso shows Nick Mohammed’s character Nate facing off against the show’s titular coach, Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis), at what appears to be the West Ham facilities. In the background, Rupert Mannion (played by Anthony Head) is seen observing the confrontation with a sinister expression. 

Ted lasso season 3

Season 3 Plot

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, editors A.J. Catoline and Melissa McCoy revealed that the show’s characters Rebecca and Nate will experience some of the most significant character development in the upcoming third season. ‘[Nate’s] on a trajectory, career-wise.

From season one as kitman, then he became a coach, and now he’s the coach of West Ham. Jason is so very generous as a producer and creator. He gives all of the characters a storyline. I think that’s why [the episodes] are so full…There are so many storylines; he wants every character to have an arc.’

The second season of Ted Lasso was a massive success in 2022, winning several Emmy awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Jason Sudeikis, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Brett Goldstein, and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for MJ Delaney. It was the most Emmy-winning comedy of the year.

Even though we don’t know exactly when the third season of Ted Lasso is due to release, we’ll keep you updated as news drops. If the first two seasons are anything to go by, the third season is likely to be a whole lot of fun, with at least a few curved balls thrown in to keep things interesting.

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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