Telegram creator accuses WhatsApp of copying features

Telegram creator accuses WhatsApp of copying features
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Jonathan Riggall

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Telegram founder Pavel Durov has hit out at WhatsApp for borrowing ideas and features, penning an article entitled ‘How to Predict WhatsApp Features’.

Durov says that Telegram’s feature set has forced WhatsApp to improve, as the bigger rival has added features that seem to copy the development of Telegram. As Telegram increased the size of videos you could send, so has WhatsApp, and it has also followed suit with message read status checks and now end to end encryption, as we reported yesterday.

From this Durov says you can therefore predict what WhatsApp features will arrive within the next year, including:

– Sharing any document types, maybe up to 100mb. Telegram supports file sharing up to 1GB.

– A web version of the app, like Durov says WhatsApp tried to poach his web developer, so he’s pretty certain that the Facebook owned company wants to follow suit.

– Self destruct for messages. Another feature of Telegram, Durov says WhatsApp’s implementation of end to end encryption puts them in the right place to add this feature next.

Obviously, Pavel Durov is being provocative, and also responding to a comment made by WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum last year accusing the Telegram creator of copying WhatsApp and Facebook.

Telegram for Android got a big update this week, giving it a brand new look, in line with Google’s material design, along with the new privacy features we wrote about yesterday.

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