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How to use Telegram Download Manager in 5 simple steps

How to use Telegram Download Manager in 5 simple steps
Leri Koen

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The Telegram messaging app has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. This messaging platform is serious about user privacy with enhanced privacy measures, powerful encryptions, and features like secret chats. However, it isn’t only these enhanced privacy features that make the messaging app so popular.


It also has many other features that make it a worthy contender to other popular apps like WhatsApp. One of these features is sending and receiving files up to 2GB with unlimited cloud storage. Monitoring these downloads is also possible with a new native download manager. Let’s take a look at how to use Telegram Download Manager.

How can I use Telegram to download?

The Telegram Download Manager is a new feature that was released in March 2022. Many users are still unaware that it’s available since it is hidden quite well. However, for those that want more control over their downloads, having a download manager available directly in the app is very useful. 

You can use the Telegram Download Manager to monitor the status of downloads, set the priority to ensure what’s downloaded first, and more. You may notice that while you’re downloading a file on Telegram, a download icon progress bar will appear in your search bar showing how far the file has been downloaded. Once the download has been completed, this progress bar switches to the next download file in the queue or vanishes completely if there’s nothing left to download.

How to use Telegram Download Manager

Let’s take a look at how to use Telegram Download Manager to monitor and manage your downloads.

  1. Launch Telegram

    How to use Telegram Download Manager

    Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone by tapping on the app icon found in your app tray.

    Tip: For easier access, add Telegram to your home screen.

  2. Tap on the search bar

    How to use Telegram Download Manager

    You first need to access your tabs on Telegram to get to your downloads. To do this, tap on the search button in the screen’s upper-right corner.

    Tip: This step is different on the Telegram desktop client. Instead of clicking on the search button, you need to go into your settings by clicking on the four vertical stripes. Then click on ‘Establishment,’ next click on ‘Advanced,’ and you’ll access the download manager.

  3. Navigate to ‘Downloads’

    How to use Telegram Download Manager

    Once you’ve tapped on the search button in the mobile app, you’ll see different tabs appear. You can move to other tabs by swiping the screen. First is the ‘Contacts’ tab. By swiping right, you’ll go to the ‘Media’ tab. By swiping right once more, you’ll reach the ‘Downloads’ tab.

    Tip: By clicking on the download icon in the search bar while a file is downloading, you’ll be taken straight to the download manager. However, this is only available while a file is downloading.

  4. Monitor and manage downloads

    How to use Telegram Download Manager

    In the ‘Downloads’ tab, you’ll be able to see all of your past downloads, with the most recent ones at the top. Any downloads that are in progress will also be visible here, along with how far they’ve progressed.

  5. Change download priority

    How to use Telegram Download Manager

    You can also rearrange the download lineup to download certain files first. To do this, simply tap on the file in the lineup and choose ‘Raise Priority’ to move that file up the list and get it downloaded sooner.

Benefits of using Telegram Download Manager

You may be wondering why it’s even worthwhile to have a download manager. Well, there are quite a few benefits. In the past, downloads were done in each individual group or chat with no central system to manage them. While this isn’t a problem for some users, others found it extremely difficult to find certain files. The download files are extremely difficult to find as new messages come in, obscuring where the files were originally located. 

The download manager makes it possible to conveniently find all the downloads from any of your chats or groups in one place. It also makes it possible to remove sensitive downloads from this general list. Or you can change the order of your current downloads to complete important ones first.

Have more control over your downloads

Telegram is a very privacy-conscious messaging platform, and now with an easier way to manage your downloads, it’s even more useful. Use the above instructions to learn how to access and use the Telegram Download Manager easily.

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