Surf and Search in Style: Tempest Delivers Guaranteed Privacy and Protection

Surfing the Internet safely is possible

Surf and Search in Style: Tempest Delivers Guaranteed Privacy and Protection
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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The Internet has changed a lot in recent years. The search engine we use and the browser we have to move around the network determines, and a lot, the experience we will get. But it is more than just the experience, we are talking about privacy, we are talking about the veracity of the information, we are talking about what is the window to the hyper-connected world we live in.

Tempest, a company dedicated to online privacy, has launched a new venture with its new search engine and browser. At a time when the explosion of AI tools are raising many questions and at a time when how tech companies collect and use our data is being predefined. Tempest comes with the best possible new features.

Tempest Search, the search engine that champions privacy

Tempest aims to put us in control of our privacy on the Internet by eliminating search engine tracking, browser history and ad retargeting. It also seeks to put an end to echo chambers and digital bubbles, providing real results, without the biases of wanting to identify us and serve the content that an algorithm thinks we want to see.

Tempest is also committed to ending data profiteering by not monitoring or selling user data to third parties. Finally, the initiative wants to help us understand how websites treat our privacy through a Privacy Report, which provides an analysis that, at a glance, gives us an overview of the situation.

With online privacy concerns on the rise, Tempest’s proposal is highly relevant and comes at a very good time. While big tech companies like Google and Facebook have been criticized for collecting user data and selling it to third parties, Tempest focuses on protecting user privacy.

Thanks to the new service we can avoid search engine tracking and also the one that can be done from the browser history. There will be no personalized ads based on our search history. Instead, we will see unbiased results. And that’s no small thing, as digital bubble algorithms can do much, much damage.

In Tempest there is no data tracking, which means that each search is new, with no reflection of the previous one, without a trend or bias that could manipulate the results we get. Each search can give us different perspectives. In the same search, it is easy to find complementary information and even, when the topic requires it, opposite information in terms of approach.

Obviously, you can’t sell what you don’t collect, speaking of data. It is an uncommon stance in this day and age, but we have already learned from other alternatives to the big search engines and browsers that it is possible to earn revenue without having to compromise users’ privacy. A formula that Tempest is betting on, as the time of making money from data is coming to an end.

For those who don’t know it, Tempest is an online privacy company that has always been known for seeking to increase privacy and data security for all internet users. It was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Michael Levit and Sean Murphy and has built a portfolio of privacy products that now include Tempest Search and Tempest Browser.

With operations in 10 countries and 3 continents, Tempest is growing to become a global name in Internet privacy and protecting the data of millions of online users. And it does so, among others, with an interesting solution for those of us who care about our privacy. With its new search engine and browser, we can browse and search the Internet with guaranteed privacy.

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David Bernal Raspall

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