Ten online games

play-button.gifI can imagine you right now: sitting in front of your computer, drifting from website to website, not knowing exactly what to do. Enough! We have the perfect solution for you. Get on the move and have a look at our games category, where you’ll find plenty of game demos and full versions you can download and play on your computer. But if you’re looking for something simpler, check this list of 10 online game we’ve prepared for you. Ranging from logical puzzles to absolutely absurd time wasters, you’re sure to find your perfect pastime for the weekend. Don’t forget to post your highest score in comments!

  1. Ball of Bastards : soccer seen from a hilarious perspetive
  2. McDonald’s Video Game : a mixture of fun and criticism
  3. Linerider : a simple yet addictive physics toy
  4. Dots : who hasn’t played this classic pastime during a boring lesson?
  5. Mr Picasso Head : make your own cubist self-portrait
  6. Hewitt : a nice point and click adventure
  7. Sobics Brick Game : simple addictive color puzzle
  8. CatchThirtyThree : how fast can you click on 33 numbers?
  9. QWERTY Warriors : the faster you type, the more enemies you kill
  10. Throw Paper : a true time waster
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